Special Events


Draw on the magic of Tango to create something special:


First Dance at your Wedding, Important Birthday or Anniversary
We have been approached by couples, often who have never danced before, asking us if we can train them so they can surprise their family and friends by dancing a Tango at a special event . The answer is YES!

Given sufficient notice* we can choreograph a dance suitable for your needs, then teach you how to perform it with confidence and style.  We can a help you choose the music, sometimes even editing tracks down to a suitable length.

* This has been achieved in as little as one week’s intensive coaching, but people usually allow a couple of months. The only limiting factor is your time and commitment.

For existing dancers who already dance Tango socially, we can help you put together a performance dance.  This requires a different approach to our usual Salon style and involves specialised coaching, but which is quite achievable.  Interestingly, people often find that their social dancing also improves  as a result of  doing this.

Tango Tasters
A great way to give your club, organisation or society an introduction to Tango in one go.

Usually lasting from one to three hours, TangoTasters can be tailored to your specific agenda, including demonstrations and class tuition.
By the end of the session everyone will have danced their first Tango!

An example for group TangoTasters:

– a Leisure Centre wanting to launch Tango lessons

– a company Christmas party

– part of an Arts Festival

– a group of residents wanting an entertaining way of getting to know each other better