Learning Milonga


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About Our Milonga Classes

As some people reading this will be new to Tango, some explanation may be helpful.

The word “Milonga” has two meanings:
– an event of social tango dancing is called a Milonga
– there is also a specific dance called the Milonga.   It has a different and faster rhythm than Tango or Vals.
At Milongas (Tango social dances) we dance  Tango, Vals and Milonga (the dance).  Depending on the style of Milonga, other dances are also sometimes  included, for example  Jive,  and an Argentine folk dance called the Chacarera.

Milonga is similar to Tango, with a few differences.  The tempo is usually faster but the content is simpler.  It tends to be based more on walking steps which you can draw on from your current Tango repertoire.

Clear communication between partners is vital, so we focus on leading and following, relatively simple steps,dancing to the music and floorcraft.

We find that people need as much time as possible learning Tango, especially in the early stages, and that it is better to run dedicated Milonga classes on a different evening in order to do justice to both dances.

Keep an eye on our website as we will post here any future Milongas classes, or contact us for more details.